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 Born: Palm Springs, CA. 

Hobbies: Weight Lifting, Exploring Outdoors, Producing Music, Family Time, Travel, Hiking and enjoying life!!

Favorite Genres: Hip-Hop, EDM, Top 40, Pop

Story: My love for music started at a young age, I grew up with a Dad as a drummer and he taught me how to count a beat when I was 8 years old. From the congo to the bongo my Dad made sure I knew how to make and keep a beat. I grew up with some strict parents, meaning I had to collect and hide any and all "good" music. My friends and I would trade CDs and fill each other on the latest hits! When I was 18 years old Aaron (BLVD Boys) and I hosted and ran a night at our local night club. That is all it took, after that first night when 200 people packed in to a small dive bar, we were hooked. 10 years later we have the honor to DJ Weddings and Parties every weekend! I love packing dance floors for a living and look forward to it every weekend!




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