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Born: Riverside, CA

Hobbies: Discovering new music, rediscovering old hits, taking selfies at the gym (sometimes I workout too), training for SPARTAN Races, hiking, rock climbing, making beats, spending time with family, tasting new foods/checking out new restaurants, going to concerts and festivals, watching youtube videos that are titled something like "you can do anything you put your mind to". :)

Favorite Music Genres: Top hits from 1920-2020, chill electronic, heavy electronic music, "EDM", hip-hop beats (lo-fi), old-school hip-hop, new hip-hop, reggae mon, some country, latin music, (I could go on forever... I love so many genres!!!)

Musical Journey: I started collecting CDs from the pop stars at an early age and always had my Sony Walkman bumpin the hits. Shout out to NOW that's what I call music... As far as "playing/performing music"; originally I wanted to play the Saxophone in elementary school, and was forced to start on the Clarinet (arguably, not as cool...) I later moved on to drumming and took Jazz Drum lessons. From there it was making hip-hop beats and recording silly rap songs with my buddies in High School (hopefully they will never be discovered, because they... were... terrible...) From there I studied Audio and Video Technology at a local community college and learned the craft of recording/mixing audio and video. During this time, Fox the DJ and I were putting on "Club Nights" at the local bar in our hometown, and were hiring local DJs to play and keep the people dancing. It was during that time that I would stand up on stage and watch these DJs throw down!!! I was intrigued. I quickly started learning the craft and ultimately was drawn out to LA when I discovered the wonderful industry of Wedding and Private Event DJing/MCing. After working with some amazing companies in the industry and perfecting our craft, FOX and I went out on our own and started our own entertainment company. Now we're representing the BLVD name and working with some amazing vendors in the industry, and our cherished clients! It's been a journey, but I wouldn't change a thing! Every step has exposed me to techniques and skills that I've carried into my career. And every year I discover new music that I get to share with the world one event at a time. Let's build the perfect soundtrack for your special event! 


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